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M&M Disposable & Bin Rental

Bin Disposal and Bin rental Services in London and surrounding area

Welcome to M&M Disposal and Bin Rental
You Call, We Haul!

M&M Disposal and Bin Rental is the one place to go if you need junk removal, are in construction, or need short term bin rental services in London Ontario.

Disposal Bin Rental Services

When you hire us for waste management services, we will always ensure that the rubbish removal is done in a safe, clean way, and that as much of the rubbish is recycled as possible. As a leading garbage bin rental in London, Ontario for ten years, our services are trusted and with good reason. Our employees are well trained, our bins and trucks are always well maintained, and our desire to protect the environment and exceed customer expectation is unequaled.

Construction Services

If you are building, or taking down a building, you know you need sturdy rubbish bins to handle the waste. We can help you with that, and do more.

Our portable construction fences can be put in place quickly, by our trained crew, letting your workers get on with their job, secure in the knowledge that gawkers can't come wandering in. And if your demolishing a building, our demolition services will help you with the clean up.

All Your Disposal Needs

As a garbage bin rental in London, Ontario, M&M Disposal and Bin Rental goes beyond what is expected, whether you need something as simple as a junk removal after emptying your garage, or you're taking down a building, we'll be there ready to help. Safety and cleanliness, not only for you but the environment is our main concern.

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