Vital Components of Demolition Clean-Up

Vital Components of Demolition Clean-Up

Renovation and reconstruction can provide exciting new possibilities, beginning with a demolition project. While the tear-down is the first step, cleanup must also be considered. This means making having the proper safety equipment and means for debris disposal on hand. Properly preparing for demolition can be the difference between success– or setbacks.


Vital Components of Demolition Clean-Up

Once everything is knocked down, understand the materials that you will be in contact with and/or handling. After a demolition the debris can be unstable and hazardous. For instance, if a structure has been weakened by mould and it is then torn down, contaminants are dispersed into the air surrounding the collapse. Materials such as asbestos also need to be contained.

Any infestations or material contaminations need to be identified before demolition begins so that contact and spread of potentially harmful materials can be avoided. Protective eyewear, face masks that form a particle barrier around nose and mouth, work/safety gloves and head protection such as a helmet are things to consider when planning for the demolition aftermath and clean-up.


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Once it’s all torn down, it has to go somewhere. The weight, size and material of the structural debris should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate disposal method. Heavier, larger refuse, including large appliances and internal materials (such as carpet) that can be removed before any structural demolition happens requires transport. The size and weight of debris will also help you determine what size of receptacles you need for your project.

If the structure being demolished is contaminated, infested, or involves any kind of potentially dangerous chemicals or materials, safety regulations mandate special disposal efforts. Larger projects may need services (such as dirt removal) after the structure materials have been extracted. Depending on the structure, it may be necessary to further break down debris before disposal, or require heavy equipment to move. Preparation is key. A thorough knowledge of the project from beginning to end is key when preparing the right disposal methods post-demolition.

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Demolition projects are a huge undertaking. Let us help you make sure the cleanup is done properly and safely. M&M Disposal and Bin Rental will provide the assistance and equipment necessary to complete your transformation. Give us a call at (519) 649-6440.