Five Common Household Items You Can Recycle

With the amount of waste we throw out every day, helping the environment through recycling is encouraged by municipalities and governments. Often, people overlook items that can be recycled and reused.

Recycling can be an opportunity to unleash your creativity. If you’re not the creative type, that’s fine — collect recyclable items and place them in the appropriate bins. If street pickup is unavailable for certain items, research which businesses might collect them for reuse, or drop them at a local City Council “Environment Day.” Help Mother Nature and make more space in your home or office.

Five Common Household Items You Can Recycle

Here is a list of common, recyclable items:

1. Plastic Bottles and Containers. Plastic is one of the most-used materials on the planet. Unfortunately, it causes the most environmental problems. Plastic bottles can be recycled into pencil cases, vases, coin banks, and many other items. You can re-use containers for dry food storage, or make craft projects. Try to avoid buying bottled water; drink from the tap.

2. Cardboard. This is a versatile material to recycle. You can make a lot of things with cardboard; including school art projects and furniture. Even something as simple as a cereal box can be recycled. Cardboard placed in a recycling bin will be recycled alongside paper.

3. Ceramics. Did you break your plate? Are you planning on buying a new set of tableware and don’t know what to do with the old ones? Ceramics can be donated to art studios and hobbyists for reuse.

4. Aluminum Cans. Cans are 100% recyclable. They can be used in many DIY projects (e.g. home decorations, cookie cutters, keychains, bracelets, pencil holders, etc.). Otherwise, put them in the proper “blue bin” for pickup.

5. Paper. This item is often overlooked and thrown into the trash. However, paper is a versatile material, easy to recycle. You can also donate used paper to companies who make recycled papers.

Five Common Household Items You Can Recycle

Most of us recognize that recycling is good for our environment. There’s no harm in trying to lessen the waste from your business or home. Look around; maybe there are more items (like unused machines and laptops) that you can recycle. M&M Disposal and Bin Rental is here to provide you with waste management services and eco-friendly advice. Contact us at (519) 649-6440.