Your Trash: Environmental Effects from Improper Waste Management

Why Do You Need Incineration Services?

With the increase of technology, “planned obsolescence,” cheap furniture and toys, and processed, packaged foods, trash is fairly commonplace in our daily lives. It’s become fairly easy for many of us to simply throw out garbage without worrying about the consequences. Every small piece of plastic or bag of garbage thrown into landfills builds up eventually.

You might not see the short-term effects from disposing of your trash improperly, but it can have negative impact on the environment. Listed below are some of the negative environmental outcomes from improperly managing your waste disposal:

What happens to your trash after you throw it out? Trash that isn’t properly separated goes into landfills. It’s unfortunate when organic waste that could have been composted and recyclable materials that could have been reused end up in these unsightly piles of garbage.

Water Pollution

Your Trash: Environmental Effects from Improper Waste Management

One of the most common issues that come from improper waste disposal is water pollution. If your trash isn’t properly separated and disposed of properly, it can leak into nearby water sources, resulting in water contamination. The chemicals and waste in trash can cause serious damage to local ecosystems and potentially poison animals that drink from the water source.

Air Pollution/Fire Risk

Your Trash: Environmental Effects from Improper Waste Management

Incineration (burning your trash at high temperatures) may seem efficient, but it’s dangerous to your neighbourhood and nearby community. During dry seasons, an uncontrolled wildfire could start, damaging property and endangering the lives of many. The ash emitted from the burning can contain trace amounts of chemicals from the burned trash. This can result in poisonous gases and toxins being released into the atmosphere, causing respiratory problems.

Aside from the problem of incineration, gases emitted by decomposing trash releases methane (a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change). The problem is worsened by organic matter like food scraps sitting and “cooking” underneath other objects that take longer to break down.

Soil Pollution

Your Trash: Environmental Effects from Improper Waste Management

The chemicals in trash can eventually seep into the soil, contaminating it and making it unfit for plant growth. It can also seep into groundwater, which is a source of drinking water for much of the population and used for growing crops.


Human beings are not the only ones affected by improper waste disposal; animals are affected by our actions. Trash that contaminates groundwater and nearby bodies of water will eventually end up poisoning the animals that need these sources of water. It will also damaging lakes, ponds, rivers, and their local ecosystems.

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