Is It Possible to Have “Zero Waste?”

The concept of zero waste is intriguing for any “green” or environmentally-friendly business. However, what constitutes zero waste is debatable and there is some background to consider when deciding if “zero waste” or zero byproducts is an attainable goal for your company or business:

The Idea

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In the 1970’s the concept of zero waste was formulated. This enterprise became more popular as businesses and systems were built to sustain themselves and “re-grow,” if you will. Recycling was one of the first ideas that had the intent to reduce and limit waste dumped in landfills, oceans, and other important areas of the Earth. Packaging — and the energy used to create products — were both factored into this ideology.

How It Is Today

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Since then, the concept of zero waste has spread in practice. Some companies have succeeded in dramatically reducing waste; others have come very close to zero waste production. This is largely thanks to recycling, and municipal/governmental participation in its promotion and execution.

The Catch

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It does require resources to recycle items and make them new again. Some plastics are more biodegradable or recyclable but waste from petroleum-based products (and others that are difficult to break down) still remains.

Future Considerations

As we move on into the future it is likely that recycling and reuse will continue to evolve. How we choose to reuse products in the future may help us move further towards becoming a zero-waste society. A few years ago, we might never have imagined that used grease from a restaurant fryer could fuel a vehicle. That used product can employed for a number of energy resource uses.

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The world is not entirely making zero waste efforts but the concept is definitely catching on. Many businesses are learning that the concept actually saves them money. By caring for our environment we can protect the planet. M&M Services can help any business properly dispose of waste so you have a small carbon footprint and help keep our community clean and safe. Call us now at (519) 649-6440.