Things to Know about Demolition Removal

How Demolition Process Works

When a home gets demolished, the mess does not go away on its own. That is one of the biggest concerns that many people have as they move into the renovation or demolition process, because they want the process to go smoothly after the wrecking ball has swung. There are many environmental concerns to be addressed before and during the process, and unexpected surprises do arise. Through it all, you will want to know you are working with a professional removal company that can answer your concerns and deal with any problem effectively.

Environmental Considerations

Things to Know about Demolition Removal

According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, every homeowner conducting a demolition is expected to file a report stating if the material is friable, non-friable, or contains asbestos (ACM). The report must be written even if no examination needs to be conducted. For example, if the home was built after asbestos was banned, there is no reason for an exam, but the information must still be put into writing.

The same requirements apply to other environmental hazards like lead-based paint. Hazards must be safely removed before the demolition begins, and if anything is left behind by mistake during the demolition, the contractor must notify an MOL official immediately and contact the Health Department.

Full Cleanup

Vital Components of Demolition Clean-Up

Not all demolition cleanup companies are equal. It is important to find professionals willing to coordinate with all agents (including government, contractors, and yourself) to get things done right and on schedule. Very often the demolished material will need to be completely gone before the next phase of the project begins. You should expect that the crew will be on time, professional, and leave nothing behind.

A Quality Contractor

Rent a Junk Bin for Spring Cleaning

At M&M Services, we take our job seriously. We understand how difficult it can be to handle all environmental procedures and other potential issues. Our years of experience enable us to deliver while keeping things simple for clients. To receive a demolition removal estimate, call(519) 649-6440; one of our representatives will be happy to tell you more.