Rent a Junk Bin for Spring Cleaning

Rent a Junk Bin for Spring Cleaning

The garage often becomes the “dryer of the home” as it possesses all the “lost socks” — basically, junk that’s gone forgotten — except these “socks” are often large, bulky, mouldy, and desperately need to go!

Anyone suffering from an overstuffed garage or basement knows the pain of searching for an inch of space to squeeze in an extra furniture piece or outgrown toy. What to do when there is no more room? It’s time: the storage area MUST be cleaned.

Junk doesn’t disappear overnight, even though is seems like it. Junk is slowly accumulated. The way to get a good clean and bring order to your living space is to hire junk removal service.

Rent a Junk Bin for Spring Cleaning

Yes, it’s unpleasant to downsize and give up possessions that once meant something t you, but wouldn’t you rather they were used and loved, rather than gathering dust and making it difficult to move around your home? Before hiring a junk removal service, consider these factors:

  • How much stuff – the size and amount of things to be hauled away
  • Time – how many trips to the donations centre will it take to dispose of everything yourself?
  • Convenience – will having someone else take those bins away bring relief and help your already busy schedule?

Some companies will overcharge when they’re hired for small item removals (such as a single sofa or piece of furniture).

How much time will it take? The task of spring cleaning becomes daunting when it is attempted in a day. Ideally, a week should be taken to clean, a little at a time, so that one doesn’t feel like the broken doll that’s headed for the trash bin.

How much convenience can a company provide? Look for a team that will deal with your schedule and provide the type of junk removal you require. Also consider if they donate or recycle items, to help the environment and avoid filling our landfills.

Rent a Junk Bin for Spring Cleaning

Junk removal bins are an ideal choice for spring cleanup. They’re dropped off and usually picked up in a week after you’ve managed to nostalgically go through your storage. The bins from M&M Disposal and Bin Rental come in a variety of sizes, making space for those large items, like grandma’s paisley couch.

For those of us in the Ontario area, M&M Disposal and Bin Rental is the go-to for junk bin rental. Call (705) 652-3505 today for a free quote on your spring cleaning junk bin needs.