Garbage “No-No’s:” Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Bin

If you have a lot of junk and waste and want it gone, most everything can be thrown into a rental bin and carted away, “out of sight and out of mind.” These items include household goods, electronics, furniture, and old files. However, some things require special disposal:

Medical Waste

Proper Way of Waste Management for Hospital

Medical waste cannot be put into your household or commercial rental bin. In 1992, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment laid out national standards for disposal of medical waste. Exact rules vary depending on province. At the very least, medical waste needs to be sterilized before being transported to the landfill, and is normally buried separately from standard household waste. Generally, you can return unused pills and medicine to the pharmacist, who will dispose of these items properly.


Garbage “No-No’s:” Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Bin

Non-consumable oil (e.g. motor oil and coolant/transmission), does not mix well with other liquids and waste. Oil should be kept out of any bin and recycled appropriately. Even the relatively small amount of oil removed during a single oil change is enough to pollute one million gallons of water. It can be recycled, and that is encouraged by most companies as a less expensive and economical option.


Garbage “No-No’s:” Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Bin

Old refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units also cannot be thrown into a waste bin, as they frequently contain dangerous amounts of Freon. Freon has been strictly regulated since the 1987 Montreal Protocol because it contributes to climate change. Only qualified technicians are allowed to dispose of Freon-containing refrigerant coils. So, if you think that your old fridge or air conditioner possibly has the material inside, have the part removed and apply an appropriate sticker to the rest of the unit stating that you have done so. Then, depending upon the rules of your municipality, you may be able to put it on the curb for pickup after the door has been removed.

Propane Tanks

Garbage “No-No’s:” Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Bin

Propane tanks also tend to wind up in garbage or recycling bins, but they don’t belong there. There have been cases of propane tanks exploding at recycling facilities throughout Canada. If you want to get rid of these tanks, they need to be taken to an appropriate municipal facility where they will be safely collected and processed.

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