Why Recycle?

There are a great many virtues to recycling, and many municipalities and cities strongly encourage waste reduction. Recycling reduces the need for landfills and protects the water supply. Here are some additional reasons to put the proper items in the “blue bin.”

1. Conserves resources – Recycling can save resources needed to make products. Product development often involves extracting more raw material, while recycling makes use of used, preexisting material. Recycling your old products can reduce demand for resources, allowing future generations to have more available to them.

2. Saves energy – Recycled materials have already been processed, so there is no need to spend additional energy on processing. Processing raw material into usable material costs a great deal more energy than using recycled materials, even when taking the cost of transportation into account.


Why Recycle


3. Reduces cost – In addition to using energy and resources, making new items costs more. When than spending money on extraction and transportation, there are increasing taxes and fines levied for taking trash to the landfill. Recycling costs less.

4. Saves space – Rising population means that more trash is being produced, but recycling materials gives resources (like trees) an opportunity to renew. Minimizing trash also saves land needed for additional landfills, allowing the space to be used for other purposes.


Why Recycle


5. Creates jobs – Sorting different recyclables and transporting them requires a certain amount of manpower. Eco-friendly jobs can contribute to an area’s economy and employment.

6. Builds community spirit – You can recycle some unwanted items by donating to charities, who can sell or distribute the items to others who can use them. These donations may also be tax deductible, which can benefit your household or business.


Why Recycle


7. Reduces pollution – Since recycling reduces spent energy and resources, it can also lead to fewer emissions from incineration or processing. Also, fewer raw materials being extracted reduces the likelihood that toxic byproducts can find their way into the water supply and contaminate it.

8. Reduces environmental damage – Extraction of raw materials causes immediate damage to the surrounding areas. Recycling reduces your contribution to the need for gathering these resources; less mining and logging benefits the Earth and those who occupy the planet.


Why Recycle


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