Will you help in the clean-up?

We will help you get rid of the existing waste including electronic waste, old office equipment, office trash, furniture removal, and more. Just leave the things where they are and You Call, We'll Haul! Almost all our jobs are completed within 24 hours, making us a one stop solution that offers faster and hassle-free services.

What do you guys remove?

M & M Disposal & Bin Rental can remove almost anything including the trash left behind by your tenants, furniture, computers and electronics, old files, and more. Regardless of where the items are we do full property maintenance cleanouts immediately and seamlessly.

I have no driveway; can I put the bin on my lawn?

We can place the bin on your lawn; however, the bin will leave marks or sink into the ground if the ground is wet. We cannot take responsibility for any damage this may cause in such a case.

Do you supply lids to keep others from using my bin?

Currently no, we suggest you purchase an inexpensive tarp from a hardware store, this usually discourages others from using your bin.

How high can I fill the bin?

Please keep the load level with the top of the bin. Our tarp systems are only 8ft wide and for the safety of our employees and transporting purposes they must be level so the tarp can be placed on top of the bin. This also prevents trash from flying out of the bin while transporting to the landfill.

What kind of Bins do you offer?
  • 10 yards (10x4x8)
  • 12 yards (12x4x8)
  • 15 yards (15x4x8)
  • 20 yards (20x4x8)
  • 30 yards (15x7x8)
  • 40 yards (20x7x8)

What items do you guys not accept?

We ban items like medical waste, oil hazardous waste, propane tanks, fridges and freezers. Even air conditioners are banned unless the freon is removed and has a sticker on it.

Does it matter how long I keep the Bin for?

We charge for the volume, not for the time taken. Irrespective of the time taken to remove the waste products, we charge based on the volume of the waste to be removed.

Can I put the bin on the street?

In most cases, you will require a city-permit to place your bin anywhere other than your driveway. We will provide you with the appropriate city-contact phone number.

What is your delivery time?

We can usually deliver the same day. Pickups are either the same day or next day.

How do I pay for the bin-rental service?

Generally, our preferred payment method is by credit-card which our client will provide at the time of booking.

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