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With homes and offices being built closer together, privacy has become an issue in some areas. With portable construction fences, you can add some privacy to the area without having to pay for re-construction. Portable construction fences adds that additional privacy that many sought after around homes and office areas. Portable construction fences are also useful in construction sites. The installation of portable contruction fences not only provides privacy but also provides additional safety to both the workers and public.


M&M Disposal and Bin Rental provides portable construction fences that are ideal for additional security in construction areas. The portable construction fences from M&M Disposal come with customized entrances which will allow vehicles to drive into the work area and pedestrians to walk in safely if need be. These portable fences can be locked from both the outside and inside, thereby enabling complete security. In addition, M&M Disposal provides portable fences that are designed with a strong base to hold straight in strong winds or poor weather conditions.

No Trespassing

Construction sites can have many hazards. To help avoid these hazards, portable fences add that level of security that will discourage trespassers onto the work area. Once you install construction fences, you do not need to worry about the serious risks of injury trespassers, as the fences prevent them from entering the premises.

M&M Disposal in London specializes in portable construction fences for privacy to homes & offices, to add extra security or for construction sites.

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