London Construction & Demolition Services

We are well aware that demolition today is not just simply tearing down building and other structures. There are so many things to consider before proceeding to such an enormous and delicate task, of which environmental concerns and impact to the surroundings are included. And of course there is the manner of the proper demolition and disposal of the materials.

It is with these crucial factors that we have provided our demolition services in London, Ontario and other communities that may also benefit with our demolition services.


Our Vision

To recycle the waste and contribute in keeping the earth safe and healthy place.

Our Mission

To provide waste management services for industrial, commercial and retail customers.

Experience and Expertise

With Over 20 years experience we value your time and money. We don’t just meet the expectations, we ensure to exceed them.

Benefit of Service

In all of these, we take pride in our knowledge and skills to make sure that our demolition services in London, Ontario go very smoothly and effectively. We will coordinate closely with the concerned parties before undertaking the actual demolition to prepare for any documents required and discuss the scope of work involved in the particular demolition work.


Fully aware of that demolition services in London, Ontario and other areas can be very critical, we will assure everyone that detailed preparations, especially on the area of safety, will be given the utmost attention. From there we will manage the task using the most advanced methods in conducting demolition works. And of course we are committed to making sure that that all these debris will be disposed properly in compliance with regulations and with consideration of our environment.


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