London Rubbish & Junk Removal Service

We understand the impact of trash or rubbish has on our health and to the environment and to the convenience of the residents or business people. Realizing this, we have made rubbish removal in London, Ontario a high priority in our services. We make sure that rubbish removal in the homes and business establishments are removed immediately and efficiently. Our friendly staff has been trained in dealing with this vital task and provided with the necessary tools to effectively handle the job.

We will work closely with residents and business owners in the proper implementation of rubbish removal in London, Ontario. It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge with the residents in dealing with rubbish such as in the proper segregation, handling of toxic materials, and even advising on recycling and other ways of rubbish management.

To guarantee that rubbish removal in London, Ontario is done efficiently and without delay, we have seen to it that we have the necessary machines, equipment, and facilities to handle this important responsibility. Our services will not be limited only to the collection of rubbish but will extend to the proper and efficient disposal of these waste and other rubbish materials. For any special rubbish removal, our customer service staff will gladly talk to you to make the necessary arrangements.


Our Vision

To recycle the waste and contribute in saving the earth to keep it a healthy place.

Our Mission

To provide waste management services for industrial, commercial and retail customers.

Experience and Expertise

With Over 20 years experience we value your time and money. We don’t just meet the expectations, we ensure to exceed them.

Benefit of Service

Waste containers are an essential part of cleanliness and disposal of wastes after a gruelling and messy project. These containers can be made of plastic or metal, and are also called rubbish bins, dustbins, litter bins, trash cans, garbage cans, trash barrels, bins, and kitchen bins. The terms ‘bin,’ ‘basket’ and ‘rubbish bins’ are usually employed by British English speakers. On the other hand, the terms ‘can’ and ‘trash’ are usually employed by American English speakers. Garbage is a term that can specifically denote food waste or municipal solid wastes. Businesses concerned with rubbish removal in London Ontario are ideal for getting help in storing or throwing away these waste materials.


One type of dustbin or rubbish bin is the curb side dustbin. This is a classification encompassing three kinds of bins: wheelie bins, dumpsters and trash cans. Wheelie bins are usually made of plastic, and they are light and mobile. Dumpsters, on the other hand, are large receptacles that resemble skips. And finally, trash cans are a sort of general term depicting plastic or metal receptacles.


All of these receptacles are emptied when collectors come to collect the garbage. They load the contents in garbage trucks designed for such purposes, and bring them to landfills, consuming crush facilities, or incinerators for efficient disposal. A standard wheelie bin used by the typical household has a capacity of 240 liters. Rubbish bin London residents and businesses can rent out rubbish bins for any type of household or office undertaking that generates trash. Rubbish removal in London Ontario is made easy with the help of M&M Disposal and Bin Rental.


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